5/9/22 NLL Community Update

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3 min readMay 9, 2022



  • You’ll find a budget snapshot in this post, along with some upcoming initiatives planned
  • We’ve got two poker tournaments for May scheduled in the ClubGG app — details in the NLL-poker channel
  • More NLL-exclusive and wider community challenges will be coming throughout the playoffs and WNBA season
  • There are a lot of other initiatives in the works that aren’t fully baked yet!

Gm! Here’s a quick budget snapshot since the Nine Lives Lounge council began, and a little bit of what’s coming.

3/20 — $1500 giveaway

3/28 — $1050 NCAA challenge

3/29 — $2500 MR Play event

4/10 — $2500 MR Play event

4/10 — $1500 Stat stuffers challenge

4/15 — $1589 Play-in challenge

4/23–24 — $1500 MR Play events

5/6 — $6183 two Cool Cat Sets + one extra Anthony Davis CC moment: these are going to be used for giveaways. One will be announced later this week :)

5/8 — $100 ClubGG poker club monthly renewal

TOTAL — $18,392 out of $50K (March 10K / April 30K / May 10K)

Potential upcoming initiatives

$2–3K for a couple NLL-exclusive Steady Breaks events — details being finalized

$1K for two poker free rolls in May (now scheduled in the ClubGG app, go see!)

$3–4K for some more challenges around the playoffs in the coming weeks

$3K for a few unscheduled internal giveaways (searching for fun/creative ways to do these. Any ideas, put them in the Council Ideas channel! We have compiled a few)

$2.5K for a possible new member “promotion” — also open to ideas here. Working through some that we’ve seen, and trying to make sure it’s not too huge of a benefit that people would pump and dump for it.

$3K for Cool Cat moment utility giveaways — still working on this concept, but basically it would incentivize holding certain moments in the CC set, and winners would be chosen based on a random serial number drawing (we would also factor in some parameters, like making sure they’re active on Top Shot. Don’t wanna send dapper balance to randos who aren’t active). Example — we spin a wheel and it lands on Devin Booker’s Cool Cats moment, and then pick a random serial(s) to win X amount in dapper balance. This would obviously lean heavily toward CC set holders since most of those are held by members of the NLL, but would entice non-set holders to purchase and hold some of the mid-tier scarcity moments in the set.

$1K for external giveaways. This could include working with other communities like Hustle & Show / Wolfpack, and/or Twitter giveaways.

$2–3K for possible use to create some challenge tools/assets. Nothing to report here, just set it aside as a possible use since we got the extra April budget, and people seem to be having fun with the challenges Pshkins is cooking up!



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